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About Us – Jax of London

At Jax of London we believe in creating long lasting beautiful scents for your home. For us it is not just about a scent it’s about a sensorial experience which evokes moments of comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our elegant fragrances are designed to enable you to create your own personal moments of luxury for your body & your home.

We’re passionate in creating unique, long lasting scents that satisfy all matter of environments and occasions, we have tried to cater to every mood and desire.

Our philosophy “Luxury itself is in the Experience” is a reminder that all moments in life are precious, and that’s why all of our scents deliver a long lasting and opulent fragrance.

All our Jax of London products are made by hand and with love in the United Kingdom, we pride ourselves in being a green company using only organic natural products and recycled containers.