Oil it, Balm it, Love it

Like the hair on top of our heads, beards require maintenance; To keep your beard healthy, looking (and smelling) good you need to put in some work, but don’t worry here at Jax we have got you covered all you need to do is follow these few simple steps to be on your way to be a Beards man with the ultimate Grooming Goals.

Step One: Oil it

Keeping you beard soft and nourished is the key – a dry itchy beard will be unbearable, so you need to moisturise it, you need to Oil it, this not only softens your beard but also the skin underneath and leaves your beard smelling amazing. Add a small amount of oil to your hand and rub them together. Work your oil up from your neck through your beard. Do not comb. Leave your oil for five minutes. Then go to step 2

Step Two: Balm it

Versatility of a balm; not only does it help to keep your beard healthy it is also, has slow absorption properties which are fantastic for keeping your skin underneath nourished and well moisturised. Scrap your thumb nail through your beard balm. Add to your ward palms and again from the neck up work the balm into your beard. Then work your fingers down through your beard and shape your beard. Then complete with a comb.   

Trim it

Your Beard will occasionally need a trim-Beards don’t grow evenly and more often they grow out and in patches, so you are going to want to give it some shape on a regular basis.

Grow it

The stronger and more resilient your beard is the faster it will grow.

Jax Beard Care is a unique set of products made from all-natural ingredients which help to care for your beard and your skin. Our Beard growth oil is great for beard men who wish to grow a beard faster.