Candle Care

Candle Care, Candle Instructions, and Candle Burning Tips for your Soy Candle

We often get asked…’Does soy burn differently than paraffin?’

The answer is ‘Yes!’

Jax of London candles have been designed to burn cleanly, evenly and effortlessly so that you can enjoy the glow longer. How many times have you purchased a candle only to have it ‘tunnel’ down the centre?

What a waste of money!

A candle top should be smooth and clear of imperfections.

Candle Tips

Here are a few simple ways to get the most from your Jax of London soy candle experience:
Before the first light, make sure you have 3-4 hours available for the candle to burn while attended. We know it is exciting to want to light your candle right away, but this is the most important step! We suggest you choose an evening that doesn’t require interruption or on a weekend while watching the game or reading a book. It is supposed to be a relaxing experience anyway!
Place your candle on a flat, flame retardant surface, away from drafts, children, pets, curtains, furniture, etc. Use common sense. We mention children and pets not that our candles will harm them all of our candle are nontoxic and harmless to all pets and children.

How to correctly light a candle

Light your candle with a long fireplace match or grill lighter. This is recommended, as short matches will likely burn your fingers and the container, creating a black film on the container. This does not affect the function of your candle, but can be unsightly. After use, wipe the container clean with a paper towel so that it is ready to glow for the next use.

Now this is the best part…Did you know that soy has memory? It’s really smart! Here’s why: When lighting your candle for the first time, and each time thereafter, allow the wax to melt all the way out to the diameter of it’s container. Once the melted wax reaches the glass, allow it to melt until 1/4” deep. This is called a melt pool. This is also where all of that fragrant aroma is released.

If you cannot smell the aroma, it means that the container is too small for the area. Consider placing a couple candles in one room to increase it’s aromatic benefit. Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4”. Occasionally, mushrooming may occur. This is okay and simply means that there is a build up of carbon or a draft. This usually occurs when the candle is richly scented or contains vanillin. After the candle is extinguished, allow wick to harden and carefully trim to 1/4”. Do not allow wick trimming to fall into wax, as this can create a fire hazard. It’s just not good candle care!

Your soy candle is dye free. This does not mean that soy remains white. Dependent upon the fragrance, soy can take on different hues of white, cream and sometimes yellow. Rest assured that this is due to the fragrance used and typically occurs with scents high in vanillin.
Keep your candle protected from light. We do not use additives or chemical stabilizers, which means that if exposed to long periods of UV light or fluorescent lighting your candle may turn yellow. None of which effects the performance of our product.

Discard your candle once the remaining wax reaches 1/2” deep.

Soy is a living organism. It continues to expand, contract and change from its current form. It may also look frosted. These ‘flaws’ are normal and it is a clear indication that you have purchased a 100% all natural soy candle. Hey, we can’t all be perfect!
Now that you have read the basics, you are a clean-burning, well-educated soy candle pro!

Let’s review!

Soy has memory. If your candle is extinguished prior to allowing a full melt pool, all future melt pools will not go past the first one. Keep the wick trimmed to approximately 1/4”. Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of flammable objects, children or pets. Do not burn more than 4 hours. Discard when 1/2” wax remains.